Polyester All-Purpose 3.5 oz Tube

Polyester All-Purpose 3.5 oz Tube

Low-VOC Clear

Low-VOC Clear "Dual-Cure" Polyester Laminating Resin

Acrylic Modified Polyester Gloss

As low as $20.95
  • Viscosity : 450 cPs
  • Best UV weatherability in the surf industry
  • Polishes to a high luster
  • Scratch & impact resistant
  • NOT for use on top of EPS foam
  • 97% less VOCs than conventional resin

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Acrylic Modified Polyester Gloss

An OUTSTANDING finishing resin. Clear & glossy with improved impact resistance (better than standard polyester).  This resin can be cured by the addition of 2% MEKP catalyst or by UV irradiation for 3-5 minutes or both. Pot-life is about 15 minutes with MEKP but there is no time restraint whatsoever if you are curing by UV light. It simply will not cure until you expose it to UVlight, making it a great resin when you need extra time for layout or coating intricate surfaces. Furthermore, you may spot cure certain areas with a UV flashlight or you can bring the resin to a B-stage cure and then STOP the curing so you can make a perfect razor trim during B-stage

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