UV-Cure Neo-Rez Wetsuit Repair & Filler  1.0 oz Tube

UV-Cure Neo-Rez Wetsuit Repair & Filler 1.0 oz Tube



Neo-Rez Black

  • Contains two tubes: NEO BOND edge bonding and Neo-Rez Black sealant
  • Repairs rips, seams, tears, holes
  • Very strong yet supple
  • When plain seams sealed, makes cheap wetsuit like expensive taped seals

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Total wetsuit reconditioning system! The (small tube) NEO-BOND butt-welder adheres neoprene edges together to a structural bond while the (large tube) Neo-Rez BLACK sealer forms a VERY STRONG yet soft, supple, hermetic seal over the seam just like the world's best wetsuits. Upgrade your wetsuit today! Kit includes: One 5 gram tube of Neo-Bond, and one 1 oz tube of Neo-Rez BLACK. Use NEO-REZ to:
  • Seal Seams
  • Repair Rips
  • Fill small holes
  • Retread Booties
  • Beef Up High Wear Areas

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